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Festive Hoop Jam is an exciting exhibition basketball event that includes a player meet and greet, dynamic slam dunk contest, and a 5 versus 5 street ball celebrity basketball game. The Festive Hoop Jam features a diverse and skilled group of renowned and popular athletes. Premier dunkers and High flyers go head 2 head for the chance to win the slam dunk champion trophy.  The 5V5 celebrity basketball game brings forth an electrifying experience that features the top tier street ball and professional athletes in the world. 

Festive ICT strives to create high level entertainment events while also giving back to the community. Festive Hoop Jam, a basketball experience for the love of the game. 


Meet & Greet


5v5 Game

JRH07954 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Dunk Contest


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